Here are some recent photos of our Henry J Top Sportsman Car.   Back in June at the  NHRA Divisional Race at Rt 66 in Joliet, Il., we hit the wall during   qualifying. I thought  we were done for the season, but we got the chassis repaired and   updated, a new nose,radiator,  fuel cell,front wheels,updated struts we got out 2 weeks ago and made   a shakedown pass at Byron  Dragway, just to make sure the chassis was alright.

Thanks, John Wiley
Remember When Racing
Date: 11-02-2012
Henry J at JT's shop
Henry J on frame jig  at JT's shop 2
Henry J at Byron  10-21-12
Henry J dual chutes and new wheelie bars
HENRY J first test pass
Henry J at Byron 10-21-12