Henry J - Lost Contact
Date: 11/20/2012
     My name is Mike Savage, I have owned this Henry J for over 25 years and have done all the work on it. I bought it in 1987 and took all apart and put it all back together engine, trans, body, rear end, exhaust, paint job, windows, lights, fuel system and chrome.

It is registered as a 1952 Henry J, but has the preferred 51 front grill and 53 rear, with the better tail lights.
The frame is a 1965 Fairlane with the Henry J body bolted to it.
It currently has a Reider Racing 9 inch 4:11 rear end and also has a 5:15 Detroit locker.
Big traction bars.
It has a straight front axle using half springs I have never seen one like it before and no one who has seen it has either.
The engine is 289 HP currently with Duel Quads, duel plane, Aluminum, Polished, Duel Square Bore. I also have single four barrel holey carb and Corbra intake.
The cam is a special grind drag cam as the original owner was a machinist and did it himself.
I rebuilt the engine and had it checked out by Mayfair's HiPo shop, who wanted to buy the engine because they are rare.
Transmission is a top loader 4 speed with reverse lockout.
The engine is set back 10 percent.
All the chrome has been redone 30 pieces.
All the windows are black acrylic except the windshield.
The body has no rust and was painted in 1992 with lacquer and clear coat. The lacquer is cracking.
Stock distributor duel point.
American racing classic Torq-thrust D wheels.
Three point roll bar.
I have never raced it at the track but the original owner did and the guy I bought it from did, it ran somewhere in the 12 second range.
I converted it over to a street car but it can be switched back to Nostalgic Drag car.
It has a plastic experimental gas tank, thanks to Advanced Engineering a ****.
The engine has less than 1000 miles on it. as it has never gone farther than the Woodward Cruise and it was towed there.
Comes with a heavy duty tow bar and tow lights.