Ron Nye  "Godzilla II"
Date: 11/05/2012

    This is the first Henry J that I have built.  I bought it from a guy in Louisiana who had built it for the salt flats with a blown flathead.  It went through Katrina and the rollcage was full of water so it was completely submerged at one time. Being built for the flats it sat about 3" off the ground, not quite "gassery" enough for my tastes so cut off the front and rear clips and started building.  A promod 4 bar out back with coil overs and a Speedway straight axle in front.  The rockers came out 16" off the floor which is just right. One of my race buddies had a BBC sitting around that had about 80 runs on it...running 8.60s.  A little negotiation and I had an engine.  The trans is a new Wilson powerglide with a brake and 5500 stall converter. I pretty much constructed everything in my garage and I talked another buddy into helping me paint it HOK candy tangerine (with a concentrate in it).  All together it weighs 2650 with me in it and 3 gallons of race gas.  I always feel a little sad when I finish a car and have to start on the next one...I think this one might hang around a while.