Barn Full of Henry J

     I am assisting my sister whose husband died unexpectedly some time ago.  She is now in the process of disposing of those things that she simply can't deal with.  One of those major projects was the restoration and modification of a choice HenryJ.  The specifics of the restoration and modification process include:

          1. All of the original HenryJ parts are within the garage area and are included with the sale.
          2.The complete drive train has been installed, test started and ran.
          3. Installation within the tested drive train include; a cooling system, complete and operable ford
              V-8, partial exhaust system, clutch assembly, 4-speed transmission, u-joints and drive shaft,
              using a mustang differential (not completely sure of the differential), but it works.
          4.Hydraulic brake system installed and operational.
          5.Body has been sand blasted and is ready for further prep work.  All body parts (with extras)
             are present and included as part of the sale.
          6.Interior bottom pan was started, with the floor board (vicinity of clutch and brake pedals) in
             the initial stages of prep work, with the frame for the transmission hump installed.
          7.Complete 224 page HenryJ Shop Manual is included.
          8.The really hard part of the restoration (modified for the V-8 engine and drive train) is completed.

     This is a vehicle that could be driven onto a buyer's trailer by installing the radiator and adding coolant, airing and installing the tires, installation of a battery, adding fuel, prime and crank.

     Offered at $7,500.00 (OBO), includes all original HenryJ and other parts on hand.  No parts will be sold as individual parts as a separate sale from complete package sale.  Cash or bank cashier check; $500.00 deposit will hold sale for 15 days, else deposit is lost to buyer.  Buyer is responsible for transportation from SE Georgia location.  Questions and additional information can be provided by use of the contact information below:

Barn Full of Henry J

Date 12-26-2012