Steve's - Henry J Project

Date: 07/14/2014

Got a Henry 2 weeks ago. It's been a street rod since the 70's. The conversion to gasser was started but some of it is questionable.

I'm going for full-on gasser. Shooting for 64-67 era. Rear wheels will be polished E/T Team III "Altered" and fronts will be polished Rocket "Fuel". Rears look the most like Hildebrands and the fronts look like American spindle mounts without the cost.

Engine choice is undecided at this time. It will be era correct. The SBC is leaving. Leaning towards 289 Ford stroker with Hilborn stack injection (converted to hidden electronics) or 392 Hemi with blower, Hilborn 4 port (converted to electronic). Have plenty of time to decide at this point so I'm shopping. Have most of the stuff to do the SBF but really want a Hemi for it. We'll see.

Already have a '70 Pro Stock Maverick in build stages so this one is next in the wings.

Will have some things for sale once I get it sorted out. Car came with a stock steel front clip and a fiberglass front clip. I'm keeping the glass and the steel will probably be for sale (not prerfect but pretty solid). Also got what are supposed to be the stock Henry J seats. Have been reupholstered in a tweed like material with a different colored piping, very '80's street rod. Decent seats but not what I need. May offer them up soon, also.