The first Henry J I saw was a gasser at a Detroit Custom show about 54 years ago.  The next one I saw was this one,  four years ago and I bought it.  It came with no interior, no ignition switch, chrome wheels and a Chev 305 and TH350 with a shift kit and 373 gears.  I put some racing Corbeau seats in it, a B&M shifter, tach, oil and temperature gauges and speedo.  I also added a lot of toggle switches to operate everything from the electric fan to headlights and even the starter and a polished aluminum checker plate dash.  Street slicks on 8 inch wheels help to hook up those 373 gears and there are 4 inch rims on the front.  The car sat outside before I got it so I had to touch up some surface rust to make it presentable but would like to finish it in Lamgourgini  Orange.  But first I need some hood hinges.  If anybody has some I would jump on the opportunity to buy them.  One more thing, I also installed Ontario license plates and I've been driving it for four years.

Ken Masko <>
Sep 6, 2016
Wheatley, Ontario, Canada.
Ken's 1952 Henry J