Henry  --  BullDog  --  J
It may not look it but there is still some Henry in there.
This great little buggy is truely an original.

   It used to be a Henry J (k) car but the original owners turned it into this cool buggy. there is only the one seat in it and their is no title for it. I havent actually gotten to drive it, but the motor dose turn over and its going to need off hand a battery and a starter and a few other odds and ends not much though.  I did hook a battery up to it, and got it to start once. Before it got too cold outside to play with it.

   It has its own tow bar on the front and the tire's look really old. Who makes white walls like that anymore? So it will need a couple of tires. Its just a really neet project buggy and i just dont have time for it right now.
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Fred Flintstone would be proud.
Look it still says Henry J on the Dash.