Freshly done chrome, but not the good hubcaps.  They are under the bed with the radio bezel.  Heater in now but not hosed under the hood.  All wiring is 12 volt except the heater motor and the horns.  Back up lights still not hooked up because of new switch being normally closed instead of normally open.

Exterior is 2001 GMC metallic green
The color is really the beige that's on the door panel. 
"Texture is that of a baby's bottom.  SMOOTH AND SOFT."
Hat shelf and head liner are tweed,  carpet is loop,  scuff plates are to be those of big Kaisers but cutdown to fit size wise by the guy that makes them for Rudy.

Car handles a little loose but I have the new king pins to put in someday.  It is really quite comfortable at 65 with no overdrive.

John dukey Dukesherer
Kay's J