This is Bills 1952 Henry J

Bill bought this car and is now the proud owner of a very special J. This J has been taken care of by many people, and every person that has owned it has seen that it is a very special car.

The Custom work done on this car cost around $45,000 to build. Everything on this car is new from the roof to the tires, including the HO motor.

  This Henry was professionally rebuilt into a high performance street car.  The original body and frame were used in its construction, and everything was completely redone from the ground up. The entire drive train was changed and a new corvette crate motor is used for power. Luxuries include an automatic transmission, air conditioning and power brakes.

The Paint, metalwork, Custom interior, Gages and seats show the quality of the workmanship that went into the customization.

Bill will be sending more info and pictures in for everyone to see.

Bill Schaeffer's
1952 Henry J