1951 Henry J project car
Pat's Second Project.

The Dark days of the project. When it all looked to be so easy.
The Teardown
The J still looks good.
  After the parts start coming off well see what shapes it's in.
Floors look good.  Both sides have been redone in the past.

Not much rust on the rest of the body either.
Just a little on the lower front door post

Body lifted off and ready to be placed on the S10 Frame
S10 Frame ready for cutting                                                          Tack welded to 100" wheel base
Its not going to fit without some floor and firewall cutting.
This body is way to good to for that.
Time for some new plans

This project went from a quick job to a full-fledged rebuild.
As you will see below.
To see the progress on this car click here.

Body Work   Body Work2
Frame Work   Frame Work2