This wonderfull looking Henry J is the work of Lowell Fideler.  
         Many of us can only dream of having a J that is nice as this one.         
....Great Job Lowell....

Words from Lowell Himself.

This J is completely stock (probably one of the most authentic ones left), peacock blue Corsair Deluxe.  It's been in the family 30 years now and only has 56000 actual miles.

Dad purchased it from the original owner in 1971 for $65!  It was painted in Feb of 1972.  I purchased it from him in 1982 (he made an admirable profit on that $65 investment!). Upholstery was repaired in 1992 (OK so we're a little slow) and now I drive it all the time.

The only non-stock item on it is the hood ornament tip.  Those of us familiar with the '53 know that locating the original rocket-finned tip for one of these is like searching for the holy grail.  I had the original but a neighbor kid chased a cat into my parent's garage many years ago.  The cat climbed on top of Henry and guess what the kid grabbed to follow it?!!  We pieced it back together as best we could and made a mold.  I had a younger brother who was taking shop in high school at the time and he made me several copies in his plastics unit.  They looked good but faded after a short time and the material is very brittle.  For a novelty, he made a couple out of colored plastics (blue, green etc.).
I put a clear one on it and it broke after just a couple of weeks due to road vibration!  I put another clear one on it and a careless observer truncated that one.  I said "Aw heck, they keep getting busted, I'll just put the blue one on it for fun!"  The blue one has lasted 17 years now!  It faded almost to where it matches the color of the car and I like it.  I did get an original but I won't put it on.

I call the Henry J a "What the hell is it?" because that's what I hear most from people who observe it when ever I drive it somewhere.

It will be in my will some day 'cause I'll never part with it.

Lowell Fideler
Burnsville, MN

Upper Photo was taken in Sept of 2000.