Hairy Cherry
The Project Begins

1951 Henry J
    Nickname:    "Hairy Cherry"

Current Set up / Statistics:
Power Train / Front End

1974 Pontiac Ventura 350cid,
Auto Trans, A/C, PS, PB(front disc)
Power Windows.
Pictures :
1. And  2.
     First day I looked at the "J"
     That is the (HAIRY CHERRY)

  Front View

2. 3/4 rear view. Notice the '56 Dodge
     tail lights.

3. Being unloaded from roll-back
    wrecker in my garage.
    Front end on floor jack, due to frozen
    brakes. I'm guiding the HC into its
    teardown location in the garage.

4. My son mike JR and myself trying to
    decide where to start.

5. And  6.
    Removing rotted shag carpeting
    from dash. Notice basketball
    proping door open.

7. View of '74 Pontiac Ventura
     Instruament panel and steering
     column. Note how far panel and
     steering column extend back into
     opening also note that the original
     "HJ" instrument panel openings
     have been Bondo-ed in.

8.  Hood being removed after freeing
     up frozen hood hinges. I learned

     what a good finger trap "HJ" hood
     hinges are after they are working
     properly and do not have a hood

Future Plans:
    Lokar Floor shifter, Crager SS
    Wheels, Headers, Tri-Power on the
    350, Candy Apple Red with Ghost
    Flames, Steel Tilt front end, No A/C
    or Heater, Gasser type Interior with
    High Back Bucket Seats.