Henry Pozzuoli's auto shop class.
The students have kicked around the idea of building their own Project Henry J.

Their start is a J that has been thru a few owners and modifications,
Now the J has found a new home, thanks to the students at west Haven High school.

Current condition and posiblities:
The J is on its own chassis with a 67 or 68 Camaro fr. clip.
Using a S10 frame is a posability that has been thought of.

The Power plant now is a 350 Chevy.
They would like to install a 354 Hemi. 

The current engine needed some work to get running because of a stuck intake valve.
A broken push rod has now been identified and repaired.
The J is now driveable.

Evaluation so far.
Engine                Good
Steering system
Not so good
Previous owners welded the fenders and the hood together and made a tilt set up.
All the inner fender and radiator supports have been modified.

The Class is looking for help on a few parts mainly a fiberglass front end.
If anyone has one they would like to share with the class email them and let them know..

Henry Pozzuoli
West Haven High School
West Haven, Connecticut

Good Luck to the class...

I will update the information on this project as the information is sent in.


West Haven High School
West Haven, Connecticut

Project Henry J