Date:   Mon, May 22, 2006 9:02 am

Hey Mike,

    I was on a hunting lease and ran across this Allstate.

Do you have any information about it.


Mike Eden

    I gave him a reply that may have been more than he was looking for but brings up a good point or two. What information do you need off a car to find its history.

   Looking at this  car there is not much left, but we can still tell alot about the car. So I was able to give the following answer.


Mike Eden

    I of course have never seen that Allstate before but the Vin or build tag does tell me a little about the car itself.

230        1952 4 cyl Allstate
4             Henry J body
215        Glass Green Paint
3488      Allstates came with off the shelf Sears material and I haven't seen to many origianls to comapire it to and don't know of any books or referance matrials that mention much on Allstates matrial either.
16         This I.P. is on all Allstates and I don't really know what it means but I think its ID Plates or something like that. Since the Allstate don't say Kaiser or K anyware on them.
1          DR has no known meaning. maybe rear wheel drive. Since the J's were in concept going to be front wheel drive.
3          3 speed Conventional Trans ..
           Most would be listed with a 5 or 6 that means 3 speed with a Overdrive. With a 4cyl.

Looks like the body number tag is missing so the vehicle build number is missing. Should have been one on the door post as well.

Click here to find out more on Vin Informataion.

   Sears did sell the car in selected stores and never out of a catalog as many belive and only a handfull of stores at that. Bascially they are a Henry J with differnt badging and electrical parts from Sears as well as tires, battery, cloth and other items such as Heater. They are a rare find indeed.

    Looks like that Allstate saw better days and I am sure that car has a story to tell. I am really glad you took some pictures and sent them in.  If you don't mind I will post them on the site.


Mike Eden sent me some pictures and asked me a good question on a Allstate he found