I bought the JEB 4 Racing 1951 Kaiser Henry J in early 2007.

It is an NHRA Legal S/G car.  I got the NHRA S/G & S/C Licenses.  JEB 4 had the Title that matches the plate riveted to the the door frame.  Michigan titled & licensed it.  Plate is BBC HJ.  Street legal...  no wipers though...  "Officer, I don't drive it in the rain."

It has turned a 9.95 sec run at 138.49 in 2011 on a 92+ degree, humid day at Milan, through the "Street Exhaust System." Best 60 ft was 1.45.  BTW, after I drove it to Milan 52 miles and made 3 runs, I drove it back.  I used about $100 worth of Mobil 93 Octane Super +.

The 572 has been shifted at 7000 RPM against the rev limiter.  The torque convertor is mild at about 3,700.  With a 6500 RPM stall convertor and a few pounds off, the Drag Sim Software says it should make 8.99.

The Tech Specs can be downloaded here in a PDF. 
Spec's in PDF

Some pix are from the 2009 Woodward Dream Cruise, some from the 9.95 sec day at Milan, others are misc from the build.

Here it is at the Motor Sports Hall of Fame of America, when it was located in Novi, MI.  It was there for 6 Months in the Museum.  

Regards and HJ to the Max.

Date 10-02-2013
1951 JEB4 Henry J Sponsored by Kaiser Compressors