51 Henry J Project

   I have recently aquired 2 Henry J's. One has been chopped and modified1 considerably and not very professionally at that, so I found one in Illinois that was all original and was going to use it as a donor car.  After receiving the original one from Illinois I decided to re-do the original one and set the modified one aside. I may very well put the modified one up for sale, less the engine, trans and interior. I haven't decided as of yet.
     Both are 1951's. The black one has been chopped and has a tilt front end.  Original frame with a nova front clip set up for big block chevy engine. Probably  will sell the black one in pieces as is. The green one turned out to be in very good shape and this is the one that is currently under construction. It was running and driveable when I got it about three weeks ago. The engine is the original 6 cylinder and it will be for sale also, as well as the transmission. I will send more photos as the work progresses.


Date:   Wed, May 25, 2005 9:03 am
Dry Fit engine
07-25-2005 Firewall work
08-16-2005 Rear Suspension Frame rails
08-24-2005 Rear Suspension Frame rails
08-31-2005 Body ready for sand blaster
09-19-2005 Installing Readend
09-27-2005 Body back from sand blaster
10-13-2005 Welding factoy seams
10-20-2005 Welding rear fender seems and inner rockers
10-26-2005 Re-building rocker panels and floor pan
12-01-2005 Rockers Trans Tunnel Wheel wells
12-08-2005 Re worked Rear wheel wells
01-06-2006 Firewall and floor complete working on Door fit
01-26-2006 Mercedes headlights fit and rear windows reshaped
02-02-2006 Headlights mounted and window work
02-20-2006 Now a roller and takes a trip outside.
03-10-2006 Motor fit
03-29-2006 Dash and tail lights

Finished Dash and choosing air ride.
04-13-2006 Setting up Air ride
04-24-2006 Belts and air ride controls.
05-11-2006 Rear Pan Front Grille
06-12-2006 Radiator and Grille mods
06-29-2006 Engine Radiator and Inner Fenders
07-17-2006 Front wheel openings raised
08-24-2006 Dash and steering columm
10-05-2006 Rear split bumper
02-18-2007 Rear seat Console
04-10-2007 Insetting Rockers  extending door line
04-12-2007 Doors mounted and the body line looks good
06-28-2007 New door hinges are being installed
08-03-2007 Hagan door hinges and Power windows
11-06-2007 Inside work being done
01-28-2008 Inside fender work
02-09-2008 Speaker mountings
04-18-2008 Windshield wiper motor Ignition module.
05-22-2008 Latch and body detail work
06-26-2008 Hand Made hood trim
08-07-2008 Lots of Details
09-16-2008  Exhaust being fabricated
09-18-2008  More exhaust work
10-14-2008  Rear window trim
10-15-2008  Proto type custom wheel made.
12-11-2008  Frame and underbody prep
01-23-2009  Front and Rear Window mods.
01-28-2009  Rear Window Build
03-24-2009  Off to Paint
05-26-2009  Prepping for paint
06-05-2009 More Prepping
06-24-2009 Consol and more prep
07-21-2009 Had to Visit
09-28-2009 Prepping the Floor
11-04-2009 Paint in Process
11-10-2009 Color Done
12-03-2009 Back home after Paint
04-21-2010 Engine and Trans Paint
07-19-2010 Assembling the Engine
08-19-2010 Engine Almost complete
09-27-2010 Frame work
11-09-2010 Frame Done
12-03-2010 Photo OP