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The HenryJCars --- Project J 's
HJC Second Project  Allstate
Updated Pictures   9-28-2002
Made driveable        6-18-2006
Updates Modifications   10-26-2007
Floor shift Allstate          11-5-2007
Changed Plans              12-15-2007
Ready for Summer         5-28-2008
Last mods for 2008

Allstate in 2012
Pats Henry's
My Dads builds
Pat's  Henry J  Purple Custom

Pats Custom build up
Pat's  Project  Red Beginning
Pat's  Project  Red Teardown
Pat's  Project  Red Buildup  Frame and Body
Pat's  Project  now Green almost ready June 2002
Pat's  Project   now Green Finished      Dec 2002
Featured links.
Henrys sent
to the HenryJCars page
Dale Z's Henry J
Lady J Linda's mild custom
Andrew Abram's 1951 Henry J
Hayne Coleman  Custom Jaded
Lucille =)
Dans 1952 original J
Charles J Running at the Emerald Coast.
Bill From Ohio Finished Project
Rogers Henry J in new paint
Alans J
now only a memory
Factory Photos
Orange Drag J
HENRY ALEXANDER  Updated 5-2-2004
Frankenmuth Car Show Henry J's 2003
Jermey's Find Vagabond in the woods.
Marks 1951 Henry J   conv.
YoYo's Henry J 2002 Cobo Hall MI
Nice Hot Rod from Florida
Bob Yust  -  Wild Weasel
Bob Yust  -  Indoor Show
Scott Yust

Scott Yust Update 11-22-2003
Pat and Jody's Henry J

Billys Henry J

John Vining from KC  Updatded
10K Henry
Stans Allstate
Bills HenryJ     
Kay's Car
Santa's J
Tommy's J
Kays J  at the Orphan car show Ypsilanti
Henry J on the Salt Flats Very nice J
Dave's Allstate...

Mike K Ohio Thompson Gasser reunion.
Art Wheeler Trade
Misc Henry J's
Car Show Henry J's
Lapeer Michigan 1999
Jim P
Jim B
Howard K
Dick B
Dennis C        
Lapeer lineup of Henrys
Seaway Kaiser Frazer Meet 2003
Port Clinton OH
Glenn H Hemi Fied
Jim's Original
Purple 52 Original
National Kaiser Frazer Meet 2004
Kaiser National Auburn Indiana 2004
   Kaiser Frazer meet
Seaway Kaiser Frazer Meet 2005
Port Clinton 2005
   Kaiser Frazer meet
Seaway Kaiser Frazer Meet 2006
Port Clinton 2006   Kaiser Frazer meet
Seaway Kaiser Frazer Meet 2007
Automotive Heritage Museum 2007
   Kaiser Frazer meet
National Kaiser Frazer Meet 2007
Hoffman Estates IL 2007

Ypsilanti 2009
Orphan Car Show 2009

Iola Car Show
Kaiser Meet 2009

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Rod N Race Fiberglass parts including all of the Henry J molds, are now made by
HENRY ALEXANDER Updated 5-2-2004
1960 Hot Rod Mag  Bill Waddill  Updated
Wicked Mary  update to Bill Waddills HJ
Name the Henry J Movie
West Haven High School  HJ Project
Project Updates                Updated 10-28-2005
Lost and Found Henry J's
Submitted Project Henry's
Von Hartmann's ABOMINATION Project build
Cliftons 1951  Project build
Scooby Doo / King Henry
  Project Finished
Mike L's Project J
Tony Bardwell 1951 Gasser Project 08-15-2009
Pat Askren Project Henry J updated 05-01-2009
Blakes Project   Link to his site.
JD's Project J old Skool gasser
Elvis Kerns
Project 1951 Henry J 12-30-2007 Finished
Scotts project J Blue Tango updated 1-18-07
Jeff Dean 51 Project
Hemi Allstate Mark's Project
Jerrys Drag J Drag J project from Cali.
Steves Project J
Scotts Project

Travis's Project J Updated
Rich and Donna's 1952 Henry J project.
Hairy Cherry Project

Hairy Cherry Project Update On Hold
Bill B. Project  Finished
Pauls Project  Sold on Ebay
Dragon J Project Finished
Bill P. Project
Daves Monza J  Project
Carps Henry J Project
Joe's 51 Project Lost Contact
HJC Project J Timeline of work

Send in those Project J's and I will show them here...
Fun & Games
A Few Who Failed ai Mag Sept 2000
I would love to add your Henry or link to the page.  Just send a email:
Thanks to everyone

Sending in pictures of tons of Henry J's seen on this page.

Swapping Stories, Links, Information, Parts.

And for just being real

This page is free to everyone and always will remain that way. Donations or other monitary funds will  never be asked for or excepted. Please just look don't take any pictures. If your pictures are here and you no longer want them here let me know, I'll take them down.

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Other Peoples Rides
Non Henry J's
Parts For Sale

New For sale

Tommy Gun 1953 Henry J

1951 Henry J - Street Shaker

Tim's 51
Mike's 1953 Henry J  New Lower Price!
1952 Project
1951 Henry J  rocket sled on steroids

Hood trim needed

Ken needs Henry J Arm Rests
New Additions
Lance Mercer's 51 Henry J  gasser
He can do Chassis Work for you!
Hall of fame Henry J finders.
Ohio Gasser reunion Pic's
By Mike K. Hairy Cherry
Earls Finds
Lowells Finds   new finds
Back to the 50's 2014
Spotted at Hugo, MN swap meet 5-12-2012
17000 Mile Henry J
Hoffmans Estates
Missouri Vally IA
Lowell Kaiser meet 2005
Flagstaff 2005
Edgar Kaisers Henry J Ervine Fideler
"Back to the Fifties" in St Paul
Bondo Jokers Help Corner
Southgate's J's
Steve Harris  1953 Project Street Rod
Allen Torbett's
1953 Henry J
Al Gowan Henry J in Cuba Green
Al Gowan Henry J in Cuba red
Dave Zelman 51 Gasser project
Jason Koons Kaisers
Mickie Davis And his Dads Henry J's
Sharon's New Henry J Convertible
Howard K's Thillcade Updates
Phils Project   Antioch, CA
John Smith Newbury  Berkshire in England.
Marvin Bister  Battle Ground, Washington   Project
Kevin Rivait  Belle River Ontario, Canada. Project
Justus Daniel's '52 Henry J On E85 Fuel
Woody J Lakeside Rods and Rides Sema Larry H
Woody J
Lakeside Rods and Rides Sema Ted H
Craig & Bonnie's '53
Henry J  Elvis 10-20-08 updates
Derrick '53 Henry J Corsair Drag Project Finished
Kirk Hanning 34 PU Caddy powered local Cruiser
Lisa shows off her Dads Henry J
Thanks for the memories Dad
Tom Wilsons Party Send Off the AMP and Davis
Seaway 2008 Kaiser Frazer meet
Dennis 52 Gasser at a local Cruise
Jim at a PA auction
Back to the Bricks 2007 Flint Michigan
Back to the Bricks 2008 Flint Michigan

Nick McCannon Project Gasser
Jim's J Project Hot Rod
Charles Gasser build  Project timeline 2015

  Project timeline 2012 Complete

John (JW) Wiley  60's Gasser Project 9-14-2013

Ron's  S10
- Project J update 8-22-2008

Bad Nicky Rich Gregorski Next Project 05-14-2010

Tommy Lee's Project cars  04-12-2011

Von Hartmann's ABOMINATION Project build 10-20-2008

Bad Nicky Rich Gregorski Next Project 2-18-2009

Evil Elvis Craig & Bonnie's '53 Henry J 08-10-10

Mick Allen '51 Gasser Leicestershire, United Kingdom  02-10-2010

Ken Magoo Project Complete Project Gasser 02-03-2014

Kurts Project Gasser S-10 donor 01/14/2013

Ken Skinners Second Project Rat gasser  11-22-2014

Ken's Project  Complete  Plus Link to his site
Active Project J's Check back often
Gary's  Gasser

  Project  Gasser Henry J

Jesse's Henry J

Robbie's Gasser

Hot Rod Henry J

Hood Trim Needed

Heinz' s J 1951 Gasser

Kens 1952 Henry J
Henry Alexander's Midlife Crisis
1951 Henry J Gasser
1951 Henry J
  Project or part out
Thunder Dome
1952 Henry J Gasser
Charles Az Gasser Build
Gelcoat gasser build
Jims Finds
Vance Hartmann's
1951 Henry J Original
Stu's original
project build 1951
Jim's Project
Gasser  / updates
Ken Skinners Second Project
Rat gasser
Ralph's Pro Street 1951 with a 427
Lowell Back to the 50's Henry J's

Project - Shooting for 64-67 era
Three Henry J's
John Wiley Louie Trench's Mike Cox's
Ken Magoo Project Complete 02-03-2014
Eric 1954 Henry J
Ken's Project
DONE  Plus Link to his site
Nik's Custom Glove box door art

Mike K Find at Mentor Quaker Steak and Lube Gasser
Mike Shields
The Twisted Lemon
Winter 2012 Finds Mike
The Original  Hot rodder book
Bill Waddill's story and his Henry J

Jim Betts    Henry J Kaiser page
David Popps 51 Henry j project
Dave Brackett
1953 Cruiser
Jerry & Reta's 1953 Henry J Gasser
Pepper Tree Frosty
Ann in Havana
Henry J sighting Cuba
Project Gasser 1951 Henry J
Bruce's 1951 Vintage gasser project
Harley West
Custom Henry J 1951
Frankenmuth 2009 Couple J's
Custom Roadster John's project
Ken McCandless 51 Gasser project
Iola Kaiser
Meet 2009
Lance Johnsons Original 1953
Randy's Mom's
First Car
Steve's 53 Gasser
Hot Rod Mag cover car
Orphan Car Show  2009

Robert and Robert
Father and son gasser build
Pat Askren Project Henry J updated 05-01-2009
Todd's project
1952 deluxe
Glen's Chop top
info wanted possible sale
Jim Betts has Henry J manuals in PDF format on his site, very handy.
Butch's 1951 Henry J Updated
Bills 1953 Allstate Project
Sam Woodwards Gasser

Carp Hemi J
  back after 10 years
Tony Stewart On Mustang chassie
Ken's Project updates
Dan's Project Allstate
Back To the Bricks
2010 Flint Michigan
Rememer When
Top Sportsman Henry J updates
Jim Brown and Them Old Cars Link
Mikes Project Start 51 Henry J
Wayne's 52 07/28/2010
Thompson Gasser Reunion Mike K 2010
Henry J 2010 Dawn B
Nick's Project 03/09/2010
Sandman Wheel Stander
Updates Project Bad Nicky
Summer Adventures 2012
1951 Henry J Original Model kit
Mike P's two Henry J's

Dan's 1953 Gasser Project
51 Project Bonneville
Ron Nye
Godzilla II
Remember When Racing Mishap
Lowell K-F-O-W car show
Choppers Hot Rod Association 56th Annual Show
Mike Sheild's in Colorado
Spotted at Hugo, MN swap meet 5-12-2012
Dave in Key West Christmas
Covertable J find

Bill Waddill's
Henry J New owner  5-12-2012